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Two years and millions were spent developing Blueprint, an algorithm that takes better care of me than I can myself. Now, you can build your Autonomous Self as well.

MY RESULTS FROM 2 yrs of Blueprint:

+ Slowed pace of aging by equivalent 31 years
+ Now accumulating aging damage slower than 88% of 18 year olds
+ Body inflammation is 85% below the average 18 year old (hsCRP 0.15) 
+ V02 max: 58.7 mL/(kg·min), top 1.5% of 18 year olds
+ Total Bone Mineral Density top .2% of 30 year olds
+ Perfect liver fat (1.36%, top 10%.), iron & stiffness (MRI) 
+  top 99.5% highest muscle volume
+ bottom 0.5% visceral fat, muscle fat, and subcutaneous fat volume
+ Top 1% sleep performance & recovery (whoop)
+ Possibly increased thymocyte volume to 7 yrs younger, pending further testing
+ Ideal whole body muscle & fat (MRI)
+ 50+ optimal clinical outcome biomarkers
+ 100+ markers < chronological age
+ Perfect liver markers: ALT+AST+GGT = 49
+ Leg press single rep max: 800 lbs. Top 1-2% of 18 yr olds. 
+ Bench press single rep max: 240 lbs. Top 10% of 18 yr olds.
+ 12 year age reversal in 500 day average HRV
+ Reduced Alpha Klotho biological age by 21 yrs in 5 months, from 42 to 21.
+ 31 year age reversal in grey hair age (80% reduction in grey hair)
+ Identified and corrected (w/o surgery) ticking time bomb: bilateral internal jugular vein (IJV) stenosis
+ Brain white matter hyperintensities (WMHs) reduced by 50% (MRI)
+ 30+ organ ages quantified
+ Free testosterone index (FTI) biological age reduced 20 years
+ Improved homocysteine (hcy) by 49% (5.9 umol/L). 

“The Most Measured Man in Human History” 

This website is provided for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute providing medical advice or professional services. The information provided should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, and those seeking personal medical advice should consult with a licensed physician.

Blueprint Philosophy: Zeroism

20th century: Live Fast and Die Young
2023: don’t die because we don’t know how long and well we can live 

Humans used storytelling to build society: where we came from; why we’re here; what exists after death; what creates meaning; what’s right and what’s wrong. Daily health related decisions have historically been influenced by story. For example, ideological lists of what one can and cannot eat. Social norms signaling what’s fashionable. Meaning-making to inform what is desirable and laudable.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) offered up a new way to approach health.

Blueprint is STEM for health. My team and I had endeavored to do what no one had ever done: enable a body to run itself. Practically, I do this by routinely taking hundreds of measurements of my body’s biological processes, enabling my heart, liver, lungs and kidneys to speak for themselves what they need to be in their ideal state. My mind - a story telling creature - is unauthorized to grocery shop, peruse the pantry, spontaneously order pizza, eat a dessert - to basically make any food related decision. This is my Autonomous Self.

My practical and immediate objective is Goal Aligning the 35+ trillion cells that make me who I am. Aligning, as best I can, for optimal health and youth. 

wtf does any of that even mean?
This time, our time, right now - the early 21st century - will be defined by the radical evolution of intelligence: human, AI and biology. Our opportunity is to be this exciting future. 

Aspire to look and feel your very best? Opt into a system where your body + science and data do the work. It’s akin to saying yes to the internet, computers and AI to improve our lives in ways that exceed our natural abilities. 

This Automation - and the elimination of self destructive behaviors - allows us to improve at the rate at which you can automate important functions without thinking about them - in this case, your health. Improve at the speed of compounded gains, opening up a future of possibilities more expansive than our imaginations are capable of grasping, a Zeroth Principle Future.

Talent hits the target that no one else can (First Principles); Genius hits the target no one can see (Zeroth Principles).

Lucky us we exist; let’s play an infinite game together.

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.” - Arthur Schopenhauer

Embrace ♥️:
  • systems over willpower
  • data over human opinion
  • harmony over addiction
  • compounded rates of self improvement
Rebel 👿 against:
  • addictive algorithms
  • corporate profiteering at your detriment
  • social norms encouraging bad behavior
  • self aided destruction (SAD)


On the surface, Blueprint may seem something about health, wellness and aging. It's really a system to make tomorrow better for you, me, the planet and our shared future with AI.

Blueprint was born after feeling helpless to stop myself from overeating to soothe the pains of life. Despite my successes: raising three kids and selling my business Braintree Venmo for $800 million; when 7pm rolled around, there was nothing I could do to stop myself from engaging in this self destructive behavior.

I had a Goal Alignment problem within Self. Evening Bryan was causing chaos, disrupting sleep, and ruining life for all other Bryans. Playfully, one day, I revoked Evening Bryan's decision making authority to eat food.

Now, my body's 70+ organs speak for themselves, through hundreds of measurements (blood, saliva, stool, fitness tests, and imaging), communicating what they need to be optimal. Freeing myself from the moment to moment chaos of my mind - and opting into a superior system of data + science - has been the most liberating experience of my life.

Now, I feel happier, more alive and fulfilled than any time before. I am nicer to those around me, no longer irritable and my mind is clear. It made me wonder: instead of pointing at others and demanding change, could the societal and planetary change we desire start by changing ourselves from within? Weirdly, could the future of being human start by eating our vegetables and stopping self destructive behaviors?

We all feel it: things aren't quite right in the world. What's our plan? Blueprint is the baby step in that direction.

Does Blueprint work? Here is my data after 18 months of adherence

BIOMARKER                                                                                         RESULT                        AGE EQUIVALENT                                OPTIMAL CLINICAL OUTCOMES  RANGE (OCOR)
BMIOPTIMAL22.8 <22.5
Fasting plasma glucoseOPTIMAL8228 (max reduction)<95
Body FatOPTIMAL6.916 (max reduction)<10%
Cholesterol (total)OPTIMAL158
DHEAOPTIMAL31025 (max reduction)< age 50
Free Testosterone Index OPTIMAL0.441< age 50
Glutathione OPTIMAL22729< age 30
Grip Strength DominantOPTIMAL13433 (max reduction)< age 30
Grip Strength Non-dominantOPTIMAL12443 (max reduction)< age 30
HbA1COPTIMAL4.528 (max reduction)4.5-5.6
HDLOPTIMAL73 50 - 60
hsCRPOPTIMAL0.2010 (max reduction)<0.55
IGF-1OPTIMAL151 75 - 150
NADOPTIMAL52.616 (max reduction)< age 30
PSAOPTIMAL0.6822 (max reduction)< age 30
RDWOPTIMAL11.318 (max reduction)< age 30
TSHOPTIMAL1.94 1 - 2.1
Triglycerides OPTIMAL55 27 - 89
Testosterone OPTIMAL76933 (max reduction)
VO2 max treadmillOPTIMAL53.618 (max reduction)< age 30
WBCOPTIMAL4.5 3.5 - 6
20th percentile telomeres PBMCOPTIMAL728 (max reduction)< age 30


My rate of aging is .69 based upon a state of the art epigenetic clock DunedinPACE. I am now accumulating aging damage slower than the average 10 year old, slower than 88% of 18 year olds and 94% of 45 year olds. 

Blueprint Principles

For thousands of years, the human experience has been roughly the same.  Things are about to change, and radically. Blueprint is about riding the torrid waves of technological and scientific progress into the future. 

Principle 1: Self destructive behavior is kinda insane
Principle 2: Empower your body to speak for itself 
Principle 3: The aspirations we need are beyond our imagination 
Principle 4: Look in the darkness to avoid being blinded by the light

Principle 1: self destructive behavior is kinda insane 

Isn’t it weird that we commit the same self destructive behaviors hundreds or even thousands of times in a lifetime? Even when we know they shorten our life, accelerate disease and aging, cloud our judgement and make us feel miserable. 

Maybe this behavior is a little embarrassing as the self proclaimed most intelligent species on this planet?  

What if we didn’t commit self harm? What if it wasn’t normalized and gleefully blessed and encouraged by society? 

If you’d like to stop this insanity...:identify the worst version of yourself. For me, it was 7pm Bryan who would eat everything in sight to try and momentarily escape life pain. He is a monster, overpowering, and indifferent about all other Bryans needs. A sweet talker and expert rationalizer.  7pm Bryan ruins life quality for all other Bryans:
  • awful sleep
  • overweight
  • poor health
  • accelerated aging & disease
  • turbulent emotions
  • depressing life outlook

The solution: revoking 7pm Bryan’s authority to eat food.

Now your turn:
  • Step 1: identify your 20% rascal..
  • Step 2: list what decisions they are and are not authorized to make
  • Step 3: wait for them to appear
  • Step 4: approve or deny their requests using step 2 list 
  • Step 5: celebrate happy you for stopping self harm.

Believe it or not, this is your most consequential and powerful life intervention. 

Principle #2: Empower your body to speak for itself

What and when I eat is decided by asking my heart, liver, lungs and my other 70+ organs what they need to be optimal. This is done by doing hundreds of organ measurements on a regular basis and then carefully analyzing gold standard scientific evidence.

My mind is demoted, Self is elevated.

Allowing our minds to do whatever it wants, whenever it wants, and offering any explanation it wants is a bedrock of our reality. So firmly rooted that it’s beyond most of our imaginations that it would be checked by any other system of decision making. 

Blueprint takes better care of me than I was ever able. It will for you too. 

Principle #3: The aspirations we need are beyond our imaginations 

It would have been hard to predict the books that would be written with the introduction of the printing press; or what the internet would enable. The same principle applies to what the human race can become when paired with the torrid wave of technological and scientific progress. We can take baby steps as we work on stretching our imaginations: 

  • Week 1: drink the Green Giant (GG) daily.
  • Week 2: GG + Super Veggie (SV) daily.
  • Week 3: GG + SV + Nutty Pudding (NP) daily.
  • Week 4: GG + SV + NP + supplements daily.

Principle 4: Look in the Darkness to avoid being blinded by the light 

A person is looking for their keys under a street light. Someone walks by and inquires, “Are you certain you lost your keys here?”

“No” they reply, “I lost them across the street.”

Confused, the stranger says, “Then why are you looking here?”

They responded, “The light is much brighter here!”


Common reactions to Blueprint:
  • Bryan, you are surely miserable
  • It would be hilarious if Bryan got hit by a bus, lol 
  • I’d rather die than eat veggies, berries and nuts
  • This is dystopic
  • I wish u knew my joy of pizza + donuts

Or, maybe is it?
  • I have no control over myself 
  • Change is hard for me
  • I am scared of being left behind
  • I’m addicted to self sabotage
  • Without unlimited choice to do whatever I want, existence doesn’t make sense to me

I hear you. I’ve been there. Felt and thought all these things.

We all know this: no one wants to be sick, diseased and sad. We all want exceptional health and vibrancy. 

Blueprint Protocol Starter Guide

This web site is provided for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute providing medical advice or professional services. The information provided should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, and those seeking personal medical advice should consult with a licensed physician.


Blueprint by the numbers  
Step 1: Meal preparation
Step 2: Supplements
Step 3: Starter Items (stuff I use, not endorsements) 

Step 4: Track progress with measurement


Monthly Blueprint cost = $1,684.50 
Daily Calories = 2250
Food Costs
$44.91 / day (vary by geography)
  • The Green Giant: $9.91
  • Super Veggie: $11
  • Nutty Pudding: $11
  • Third meal: $11
  • Other: $2 (i.e. extra virgin olive oil, brazil nuts)
Supplements Costs
$11.24 / day
  • Morning: $5.76
  • Dinner: $5.48
Kitchen Readiness Costs
(one time cost)
Total approx ~$500
Initial Test Costs
(every 3 to 6 mths)
Total: ~$350
  • Blood panel
Daily Calories - 2250 

Step 1: Meal Prep

Three meals daily: Super Veggie and Nutty Pudding, and a third that varies and consists of vegetables, nuts, seeds, and berries. Each has been methodically crafted based on gold standard scientific evidence for optimal nutrition. They continue to be modified at the introduction of new evidence.

Blueprint Recipe GUIDE →

(yes, it’s free)


Upon waking: The Green Giant

Morning pills 
1 Tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or, add EVOO to Super Veggie and other meal of the day)

*Spermidine can also be taken via pills 

Super Veggie

  • Black lentils, 45 grams dry, ~150 grams cooked
  • Broccoli (head+stalk), 250 grams 
  • Cauliflower. 150 grams 
  • Shiitake or Maitake Mushrooms, 50 grams 
  • Garlic, 1 clove (a piece)
  • Ginger Root, 3 grams 
  • Lime, 1
  • Cumin, 1 Tbsp
  • Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 Tbsp
  • Hemp Seeds, 1 Tbsp
  • After prep, drizzle 1 Tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
Recently been sprinkling 1 Tbsp of 100% dark chocolate to dish
(All organic)

Super Veggie Preparation instructions
  • Weigh vegetables. Place broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms (maitake or shiitake), ginger and garlic in boiling water*. Boil until tender (7-9 min). Steaming is also acceptable.
  • Lentils: bring the water to boil in a medium saucepan. Add lentils. Reduce heat to low and cook uncovered for 18-20 or minutes until "al dente". Place in a colander to drain and rinse under cold water
  • You can choose to blend or keep whole pieces.
  • Blend in a high-speed blender place 1 Tbsp of dried cumin, 1 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar, 1 fresh Lime, cooked black lentils, the strained cooked vegetables, and blend until it becomes thick soup. Can also serve as the picture above.
  • If needed add some of the vegetable water (or steaming water) to thin out the texture.
  • Top with hemp seeds.

Prepared correctly, taste should be an easy and smooth tasting veggie hummus. No smell/taste of garlic.

I season it with NuSalt (potassium chloride). 

*Cooked via low temperature, high humidity, high acidity, high antioxidant cooking methods to minimize formation of Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs) and Advanced Lipid Peroxidation End-products (ALEs).

A note on Super Veggie taste. The food I eat is delicious to me; one of the most exciting moments of my day. Both my teenage boys, mother, father, and brother eat the same foods daily and they love them too. When starting, sometimes there is a period of adaptation and some want to play with the recipe and texture.

Blueprint breaks all kinds of social norms which predictably triggers human responses that draw those lines. My favorite: my 16 yr old eats Super Veggie for school lunch. His friend offering his observations 😂
Super Veggie ready to serve 

Super Veggie hummus w/ olive oil & chocolate...

Nutty Pudding

50-100 mL Macadamia Nut Milk
3 Tbsp ground macadamia nuts (20% off)
2 tsp of ground walnuts
2 Tbsp chia seeds
1 tsp of ground flaxseed (seed that is ground into flour)
1/4 brazil nut 
1 Tbsp dark chocolate
1 tsp sunflower lecithin
1/2 tsp ceylon cinnamon
1/2 cup blueberries/raspberries/strawberries (your choice)
3 cherries
2 oz freshly squeezed pomegranate juice

Nutty Pudding Preparation instructions
  • Add 50-100 mL Malk Almond/Macadamia Milk based upon desired consistency.
  • Add walnuts, macadamia nuts, ground flax seeds (highest nutritional value to buy seeds and grind) 
  • Add cocoa, sunflower lecithin, cinnamon
  • Add 3 cherries, 1/2 cup of berries (save half for topping) & pomegranate juice 
  • Mix on high for 3 or 4 minutes
  • Pour into a dish.
  • Let sit, then add the rest of the berries
  • Typically will also add 30-60 grams of pea protein

If you want to go wild, you can add a Tbsp of sweetener Trehalose and a Tbsp of Manuka honey.

Example Third Meals

Asparagus Almond Beet Salad, 500 cal
Beets 500 grams cooked
Asparagus 300 grams cooked
Almonds Slivers 21 grams
Arugula 1 cup
Shallot 1 large
Balsamic 3 Tablespoons
Dijon 3 Tablespoons
Mustard Seeds 1 Tablespoons

Asparagus Almond Beet Salad Preparation Instructions
Trim and clean beets. Boil in water till the beets can be easily pierced with a fork. Drain and while still warm, the skin will rub off easily underwater. Set aside the skinless beets in a bowl.

Blanch Asparagus - Set aside a bowl of ice water. Heat a large saucepan of water till boiling. Add Asparagus to the boiling water for 4 minutes. It may be shorter or larger boiling times depending on the size of the stalks. Once asparagus is firm but not crisp, remove it from boiling water and dump it into the ice bath. Once asparagus is cool. Drain and take a paper towel to blot any excess water away.

In another heated pan, add the mustard seeds to a dry pan for one minute. After one minute add sliced shallots and one-fourth cup of water. Cook shallots and mustard seeds down until the shallots are transparent. Add more water if needed.

In a small bowl add the balsamic and the dijon and blend well.

Once everything is assembled and cooled to room temperature. Chop the beets and asparagus into small bite-sized pieces. Add the cooled shallots mixture. Add in chopped arugula and toss lightly. Once lightly tossed pour dressing over and toss lightly again. Top the salad with slivered almond

Orange Fennel Salad, 500 calories
Cara Cara Orange 1 segmented orange
Fennel ¼ cup shredded
Goji Berries 30 grams
Pecans 30 grams
Grape Tomatoes 14
Spring Mix 3 cups
Arugula Leaf or Sprouts 1 cup
Fresh Mint ¼ cup
Fig Balsamic Vinegar 2 Tablespoon
Orange Fennel Salad Preparation Instructions
Gather ingredients. Segment the orange. Shred the fennel on a grater. Toss in greens, torn mint leaves, fennel, grape tomatoes, top with chopped pecans, and goji berries. Right before serving add fig balsamic dressing.

Stuffed Sweet Potato, 500 calories
Sweet Potato 300 grams cooked
Chickpeas 45 grams cooked
Grape Tomatoes 12
Avocado ½
Radishes 4
Cilantro ¼ cup
Jalapeno Pepper 1 large
Limes 2 whole
Lemon 1 whole
Chile Powder 1 Teaspoon
Stuffed Sweet Potato Preparation Instructions
Roast the sweet potato until you can puncture it with a fork. While the potato is roasting, place chickpeas in a bowl. Add the juice of half of a lemon and the chile powder and set aside to marinate.

On a sheet pan, roast the grape tomatoes until they have popped and have a bit of color.
Add to a small bowl the avocado mash with the juice of one lime and half of a lemon. Stir until creamy.
Thinly slice the radishes and the jalapeno pepper.

Once everything is roasted. Build your dish. Start with the potato, slice open. Remove skin if preferred. Pour the chickpea mixture over the sweet potato, next add roasted grape tomatoes and some jalapenos. Top with avocado mixture, chopped fresh cilantro, radishes, and the remainder of jalapeno peppers. Serve with sliced lime on the side.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Highest Quality EVOO Criteria (Blueprint EVOO)

Fun fact: on Blueprint, you’ll eat over 70+ lbs of veggies, berries and nuts per month

Step 2: Supplements

Note: this protocol is based upon regular measurements. Optimal protocol for you may differ. How I organize them.

Upon waking
w/Dinner at 11 am
Before bed  
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 30 mL daily 
  • Pea Protein, 29 grams daily
  • Dark Chocolate, 15 grams
  • Rapamycin 13 mg, bi-weekly (Rx)
  • HGH .6 mg, 5x wk (discontinued 5/31 after 100 days due to side effects) 
  • 17α-E2, 8 mg wk transdermal
  • Testosterone 2 mg patch 6x weekly 
  • NDGA 50 mg 1x daily
  • B12 methylcobalamin 1x/wk
  • Aspirin 81 mg 3x wk
  • 112 mcg Levothyroxine, 60 mg Armour Thyroid (diagnosed with hypothyroidism at age 21)

Step 3: Track progress

Basic blood panel
Cystatin C
Complete blood count with differential, RDW, WBC, MCV
venous glucose
lipid panel
total protein
liver panel
thyroid panel

Vitamin A serum, B1 serum, B2 serum, B3 serum, B6 serum, B7 serum, B9 serum, B12 serum, C serum, D serum, alpha tocopherol serum, PIVKA-II/a.k.a. DCP (vitamin K deficiency) serum, CoQ10 serum

Calcium serum, chloride serum, chromium serum, copper plasma, magnesium serum, manganese plasma, phosphate serum, potassium RBC, selenium plasma/serum, zinc serum/plasma

Iodine to creatinine ratio
albumin to creatinine ratio

Bryan Johnson’s Blueprint Protocol


Objective: I am trying to maximally slow the speed of my biological aging. My goal: one year of chronological time passes and my biological age stays the same.  There is no magic pill for this. 
+ 78 organ biological age rejuvenation
+ 200+ science backed protocols
+ 1,000 Peer-reviewed References

Philosophical Principles  

  1. My path here, Hi, I am Bryan Johnson
  2. How I approach problems Zeroth Principle Thinking & solve them My Goal Alignment Problem
  3. Building systems to solve things systematically: My Autonomous Self and I fired myself
  4. Blueprint is born: Project Blueprint
  5. Blueprint + Kernel: Sleep & Impulse Control
  6. Contemplations: A Plan for Humanity
All together: Ashlee Vance: How to Be 18 Years Old Again for Only $2 Million a Year

Blueprint at a glance


  • Chronological age: 45
  • Measured muti-epi clock biological age: 42.5
  • Pace of aging: .69
  • 160.7 lbs (88.7% lean mass)
  • 7.1% body fat
  • 4.3% bone mass
  • 60.2% body water
  • 21.9 BMI

  • 2250  daily caloric intake
  • Vegan (except for collagen peptides)
  • 16-18 hr daily fast
  • 70+ lbs of veggies/mthly
  • 19% protein, 33% carbs, 48% fat



  • LEVEL 1: Chocolate is good for you. A snickers bar isn’t that bad!
  • LEVEL 2: Any brand advertising “dark chocolate” 
  • LEVEL 3: Un-dutched dark chocolate 
  • LEVEL 4: Un-dutched dark chocolate, tested for heavy metals 
  • LEVEL 5: Un-dutched dark chocolate, tested for heavy metals and from specific regions of the world with the highest polyphenol density


Decision algorithm*
  • What studies have been done on chocolate?
  • Do the chocolate studies meet our statistical thresholds?
  • Should I take chocolate of a certain type and dose based on 1 and 2?
  • How do I personally check that chocolate is safe and effective for me?
*See appendix for more detailed description of decision algorithm

Current Results

Science and engineering begin with counting. Health is no different. During this past year, I’ve had hundreds of measurements taken. Some are standard, such as biofluids and fitness scores. Some are advanced, such as MRI and ultrasound. And some uncommon, such as my lungs, nerves, hearing, and intestinal tract. Below is a sampling of these measurements.

Results: Optimal Clinical Outcome Range

BIOMARKER                                                                                         RESULT                        AGE EQUIVALENT                                OPTIMAL CLINICAL OUTCOMES  RANGE (OCOR)
BMIOPTIMAL22.8 <22.5
Fasting plasma glucoseOPTIMAL8228 (max reduction)<95
Body FatOPTIMAL6.916 (max reduction)<10%
Cholesterol (total)OPTIMAL158
DHEAOPTIMAL14925 (max reduction)< age 50
Free Testosterone Index OPTIMAL0.3941< age 50
Glutathione OPTIMAL22729< age 30
Grip Strength DominantOPTIMAL13433 (max reduction)< age 30
Grip Strength Non-dominantOPTIMAL12443 (max reduction)< age 30
HbA1COPTIMAL4.528 (max reduction)4.5-5.6
HDLOPTIMAL73 50 - 60
hsCRPOPTIMAL0.4610 (max reduction)<0.55
IGF-1OPTIMAL125 75 - 150
NADOPTIMAL52.616 (max reduction)< age 30
PSAOPTIMAL0.6822 (max reduction)< age 30
RDWOPTIMAL11.318 (max reduction)< age 30
TSHOPTIMAL1.94 1 - 2.1
Triglycerides OPTIMAL55 27 - 89
Testosterone OPTIMAL76933 (max reduction)
VO2 max treadmillOPTIMAL53.618 (max reduction)< age 30
WBCOPTIMAL4.5 3.5 - 6
20th percentile telomeres PBMCOPTIMAL728 (max reduction)< age 30

Results: Younger than Chronological Age

  • hsCRP
  • DunedinPoAm
  • NAD
  • Frailty index
  • Total glutathione
  • VO2 max
  • 12 min run distance
  • Whole brain volume
  • White matter volume
  • Cerebral volume
  • Total sleep time
  • Wake after sleep onset
  • Sleep efficiency
  • Digit comparison score
  • Digit symbol score
  • ETS score
  • RAVENS score
  • Letter number sequencing score
  • Ventricular volumes
  • Subcortical grey matter
  • Pituitary brightness
  • Cerebellar volume
  • Stand on 1 leg
  • 5 min deep sleep RMSSD
  • MaxHR
  • BNP
  • LV E
  • LV A
  • LV E/A
  • LV E’m
  • LV PWT
  • LA A’ lat
  • LA SRE
  • LA SRA
  • cfPWV

  • TPA
  • Systolic blood pressure
  • Brachial blood pressure
  • Non-map C2 CSBP
  • Non-map C2 CDBP
  • PPA ratio
  • AI
  • AP
  • FEV1
  • FVC
  • PEFT
  • DLCOc
  • A line quant
  • MIP
  • MEP
  • RDW
  • EpiTOC2.tnsc
  • PC telo length methylation pred
  • QFISH median PBMC telo
  • QFISH 20th cent PBMC teloRRI left
  • RRI right
  • Cystatin C
  • EHF Hz Right
  • 14-16k Hz Left
  • Calculus index
  • Recession gingival
  • Index gingival
  • HbA1c
  • FPG
  • CGM
  • Albumin

  • QT
  • VISIA Tru L
  • VISIA Tru R
  • ZM-Facial age
  • ZM Neck age
  • ZM Decollete age
  • ZM Gluteal age
  • ZM Lower limb age
  • Facial left spots
  • Facial right spots
  • Facial left texture
  • Facial right texture
  • Facial left brown
  • Facial right brown
  • Facial left wrinkles
  • Facial right wrinkles
  • Facial central spots
  • Facial central texture
  • Facial central browns
  • Modified HN hair
  • DHEA-S
  • Thyroid volumetrics
  • Push up continuity
  • Bench press 1 rep max
  • Leg press 1 rep max
  • Grip strength L
  • Grip strength R
  • WC
  • BF%
  • DEXA L1-4
  • DEXA Femur
  • DEXA Hip
  • Osteocalcin
  • Spinal flexibility
  • Prostatic volume
  • PSA total
  • Total testosterone
  • Free testosterone index
  • Vit A
  • Alpha carotene
  • Beta Carotene
  • Lycopene
  • Vit C
  • B1
  • B2
  • B3
  • B5
  • B6
  • B7
  • B12
  • Vit E (Alpha + Gamma)
  • Vit D
  • Vit K
  • CoQ10
  • Bicarbonate
  • Calcium
  • Chloride
  • Chromium
  • Copper
  • Iodine
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphate
  • Potassium
  • Selenium
  • Sodium
  • Zinc
  • ALT
  • AST
  • ALP
  • GGT
  • TG
  • LDL
  • HDL
  • IGF-1

Routine Measurement

  • Weight, body fat, muscle mass, body water, BMI
  • Sleep: HR, HRV, Deep, REM, Respiration Rate, Body Temp
  • Waking body temp (ear)
  • SpO2 while sleeping
  • Blood Glucose
  • MRI - whole body
  • Ultrasound - whole body
  • Biofluids (blood, stool, urine, saliva)
  • Physical fitness - whoop + Polar
  • VO2Max
  • Hearing
  • Eyes
  • Air quality

Vein health for blood draws (via ultrasound)
- Using ultrasound to evaluate potential vein damage from serial blood draws. No damage found.  Bilateral antecubitcal fossae (ACF) venous ultrasound was performed to identify potential venous wall or valve pathology related to serial blood draws of the ACF veins, with no pathology identified, suggesting further draws at this site are safe.

Whole body MRI cancer screening
Nothing suspicious was identified. Head to lower sacral non-contrast 3T T1, T2 and DWI were performed (with some regions missed for DWI), with additional FLAIR on the head region, HASTE on abdominal region and sagittal STIR on C1 to S2 were performed for cancer screening with no suspicious, potentially suspicious or likert ⅗ or greater lesions identified

Sensory nervous system measurements
- Right plantar 2 point discrimination of 1.5 cm coming in at age 30 equivalent

  • Zero cysts, zero parenchymal thickness abnormalities (i.e. irregular or thinning) present in the kidneys 
  • Renal interlobar arteries resistive index (RRI) coming in at 0.46 (right kidney) and 0.49 (left kidney), equal to age 25 of a newly diagnosed essential hypertensive, but otherwise average, western population (ref) (non-hypertensive population data currently not available)

  • Thyroid volume (increases with age) coming in at age 23 equivalent at 20.9 milliliters (ref)

  • Prostate volume (increases with age) coming in at age 30 equivalent for a Westerner at 19.14 milliliters (ref)

Blood Glucose levels are perfect. Resting steadily around 90 mg/dL over 24hrs/7 days.

New maxHR of 183 bpm, = to age 37, 5% improvement in 90 days. 8% increase (from 169 bpm) in 12 months (originally age 60). 23 year age reduction to date. Exciting because we couldn’t get maxHR to budge for over 12 months. Neither could we find any research showing  maxHR increase was possible. Measured w/ Polar H10

Waist circumference measurement 82.8 cm, average for a 25 year old (maximum age reduction)

BIA scale body fat% 21-23 ave BMI, = to age 16 (max reduction)

My Pulse Wave Velocity of 5.7, ranks in 10% <30, top 5% of 45+.

Blood urea nitrogen, a measure of protein intake and kidney function, was lowered to 13 mg/dL, deeper into the optimal range for all cause mortality and scoring age 21 equivalent.

Heart Health

  • MRI
  • Ultrasound
  • RHR, HRV, VO2Max

  • Resting Heart Rate: 44 bpm
  • HRV 54, age 40
  • VO2Max 58.7 mL/(kg·min), age 18
  • LV septal A’ mitral: age 70+
  • Aortic root diameter age 70+
  • LA E’ latbasal: age 70+
  • RVSP: age 70
  • LV sepal E/E’: age 55
  • RV E/A: age 52
  • MaxHR: age 37
  • LV E/A: age 28

[Heart] Carotid arteries
  • Pressure strain elastic modulus (PSEM) of the right and left common carotid arteries (RCCA and LCCA) elasticity scoring at 4.51 Pascal units age 26 equivalent and 2.82 Pascal units age 18 equivalent respectively (ref)
  • Common carotid average intima media thicknesses age 32 equivalent, at 0.47 mm thickness, although there is little change between age 18 and age 32 (only 0.03 mm) (ref)
  • No plaque or atherosclerosis. Details: total plaque area across 6 carotid artery branches of 0 cm^2, showing no significant atherosclerosis; with plaque being defined as any thickening of the intima media beyond 1 mm.
  • Internal carotid artery maximum intima media thicknesses age 25 equivalent, as low as is possible to score, at 0.51 and 0.45 mm (ref)

[Heart] Left ventricle
  • Intraventricular relaxation time (IVRT) of 50.6 ms scored at age 19 average (ref)
  • E/A pulsed wave doppler in the mitral valve of 1.67 score (dimensionless) coming in at age 28, with the E component at 0.96 m/s of age 15 average for healthy caucasian men (This is a measure of how well blood is flowing through the mitral valve) (ref)
  • Tissue doppler showed septal LV E’ (e prime) mitral annulus speed of 11.12 cm/s at age 24 average (ref) (This is a measure of how well the left ventricle septum is contracting back and forth)

Mitral valve pulsed wave doppler still taken during echocardiogram. Clearly shows the four chambers of the heart and the blood flow toward and away from the transducer, red and blue colors respectively.

Brain Health

  • Complex small voxel non-contrast 3D T1, T2, T2 FLAIR, mag, phase, minIP, SWI, 2/3D MRA, 2/3D MRV, 3D DTI, triple 2D DWI, ASL, CSF, SPACE, ultrasound, cognitive testing, EEG, peripheral blood markers etc.

  • White Matter Hyperintensities: age 48
  • Pineal calcification: >40 TBC
  • Ventricular volume: age 48
  • Cortical grey vol: age 45
  • AI T1 brain age: age 44
  • RAVENS PM: age 41
  • Total Cerebral WMV: age 37
  • WASO: age 37

  • Bi-lateral, congenital IJV 

Lung Health

  • Ultrasound
  • Functional markers

  • FEV1 age 22
  • FVC age 26
  • PEFR age 33
  • A lines age 33
  • B lines age 70+

  • DLCOc, 32.8 ml/min/mmHg, age 38.5 equivalent, a measure of the ability of the lungs air sacs, alveoli, to pass oxygen into the red blood cells in the lung capillaries
  • KCOc, 4.32 1/min, age 54
  • MIP & MEP are diaphragm measurements - maximum inspiratory (MIP) and expiratory (MEP) pressure scored at 155 and 117 cmH2O respectively, = to age 20 (maximum possible reduction) for both markers. These measure the strength of the double-domed diaphragm muscle below the lungs, with my Diaphragm showing no signs of weakening with chronological age.

Gastrointestinal Health

  • Small bowel capsule camera (large bowel capsule camera TBC)
  • Acquired 33,537 images
  • Looking for lymphoma, Crohn’s ulcerations, small bowel cancer, diverticula, and polyps. Nothing found.
  • Microbiome, GI Effects, other.
  • Stool

  • SCFAs & elastase: age 70+ (8/21, since have started intervention)
  • Polyps negative
  • Bleeds negative
  • Serial FIT FOBT, Cologuard Gen 1 negative

Intestinal Tract - I swallowed this pill, the size of a baby carrot, after fasting for 24 hours. Then took laxatives for 6 hours. It reemerged 10 hours and 38 minutes later, having taken 33,537 images of my intestinal tract. Main things we were looking for: lymphoma, Crohn’s ulcerations, small bowel cancer, diverticula, and polyps. Nothing found. Most common small bowel changes with age are motility, peristalsis reduction, dysphagia and enteric neuropathy. Advantages of small bowel pillcams include screening and baseline results for n=1 study. Here are some of the pictures.

Hair Health 

Started greying and losing my hair in my late 20. Been a lot of work to keep it and try to reverse the grey. 

  • Custom hair formulation. Recipe:
Caffeine USP 1%
Finasteride USP 0.25%
Minoxidil USP 5%
Azelaic Acid 1.5%
Diclofenac 0.5%
Tea Tree Oil 5%
Rosemary Oil 0.37%
Ginko Biloba 0.05%
Biotin 0.01%
Melatonin USP 0.0033%

  • PRP 1x 60-90 days. Recipe:
  • 10x PRP concentration from 120 ccs
  • .3 ml of 0.1% dutasteride
  • Autologous exosomes via SuperShot
  • A Cell

  • Grey+white: measuring age 41 
  • Quant Hamilton-Norwood: measuring age 26

Skin Health

  • Multi Spectral Imaging
  • Autofluorescence 
  • Merz

  • Spots: Age 10
  • Wrinkles: Age 10
  • Texture: Age 14
  • Pores: Age 50
  • UV Spots: Age 62
  • Brown spots: Age 11
  • Red areas: Age 70 
  • Autofluorescence: age 32
  • Multispectral imaging face age: 41


Things we’re trialing: 
  • Non-bleeding microneedling with HA serum
  • Cutera Excel V coolview & genesis
  • Fotona Dynamis Pro 4D and other protocols
  • Microbotox injections for pore shrinkage
  • Sculptra 
  • PRF
  • Renuva (autologous fat transfer)

  • Whole body LED - 630 nm (red) and 830 nm (infra red) Continuous wave or pulsed up to 40 Hz Up to 200 mw/cm^2 irradiance at 6 inches 60 J/cm^2 dose at 6 inch distance.  
  • Be careful not to burn yourself by standing too close. Protocol (mine, is device dependent): 12 min, 3x weekly. 
  • Objectives: 
  • . accelerated healing
  • . skin health 
  • . possible helper w/ anxiety + depression (only if applied to forehead) 
  • . sleep
  • bought mine from

Eye Health

  • Drusen volume 0
  • Enhanced depth imaging optical coherence tomography subfoveal choroidal thickness high n=1 accuracy read left age 51, right age 70, prior to axial length/refractive error regression adjustment
  • IOP 13 mmHg, age 38
  • Accommodative distance high n=1 accuracy read TBC
  • Eyelash length age 70+ (genetically short)

  • Sub-foveal choroidal thickness on enhanced depth imaging spectral domain optical coherence tomography (sfCT EDI-SD-OCT) was acquired showing 332 microns and 400 microns respectively; however, future 3D choroidal quantification methods we will perform will have lower standard deviation and higher biological age resolution

Ear Health

  • Research grade digital audiometric setup with high n=1 accuracy reads
  • RESULTS: Left (me), Right (my 17 yr old)

  • Right ear normal freq: age 61
  • Left ear normal freq: age 51
  • Right ear EHF: age 60
  • Left ear EHF: age 32
  • Typmpanometric, OAE, cochlear magnetic resonance markers, waxome TBC
  • Pinna age 30

Oral Health

  • Plaque index, recession, attachment loss  

  • Most recent plaque index was 24.4% which is ideal
  • Reduced attachment loss by 41% via specially designed procedures

  • Brush 2 min (am/pm)
  • Water pik (am/pm)
  • Floss  (am/pm)
  • Tongue scraper
  • Tea tree oil rinse
  • CoQ10 gel

  • My dentist reports “you have the gums of a healthy teenager”
  • Improved plaque index to 63.6% (tracked plaque in mouth post brushing to assess how to improving brushing technique)
  • Filled the one remaining 4 mm pocket on #11.

Gingival index and calculus index scoring 0, the lowest possible; having the same level of calculus and gum inflammation as a 17 year old.

Sleep Health

Sleep Is A Lighthouse

Perhaps the most important health/wellness practice, I’ve been working on achieving consistent, high quality sleep for years (Sleep is the new coffee). These are the things that work for me. 

  • Blacked out room
  • Same bedtime daily
  • Sleep alone
  • Blue light blocking glasses
  • 1 hr downtime before bed
  • Temp controlled mattress

8/2023 - completed 6 months of achieving 100% sleep score performance via Whoop. Also, my one month recovery score is in the top 1.4% of all male whoop users. 

Other Measurements

  • PBMC LIfelength QFISH median telomere length: 42 

  • Pancreatic elastase: 70+

  • Tendons enthuses US: 51
  • [other]

  • Volume (Bolivia tribe): 59
  • Volume (westerner): 30

  • Abdo aorta IMT: age 46
  • CCA IMT: age 32

  • Thymus
  • Liver & GB
  • Pancreas
  • Bone marrow
  • Retina
  • Stomach, esophagus, large Bowel/small bowel
  • Mesentery
  • Trachea
  • Larynx
  • Pharynx
  • Lips
  • Bronchi/oles
  • Glymphatics
  • Lymphatics
  • Spleen
  • Ureters, bladder, urethra
  • Middle ear
  • Nose, tongue
  • Peno-scrotal
  • Cartilage, ligaments
  • Motor & sensory nerves, spinal cord
  • Urine Chlamydia
  • Urine Gonorrhea
  • Hepatitis B [blood]
    • HepB core antibody, surface antibody, and surface antigen
  • Hepatitis C [blood]
  • Herpes Simplex Virus I (Typically Oral Herpes)
  • Herpes Simplex Virus II (Typically Genital Herpes)
  • Oral Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
    • PCR HPV 20 subtypes
  • HIV 1 [blood]
  • HIV 2 [blood]
  • RPR Syphilis [blood]
  • Also have the Gardasil 9 HPV vaccine

Diet and Supplements

Diet recipes & Supplements lists are located in the Blueprint Starter Guide. 

  • 2,250 calories daily
  • ~10% Caloric Restriction
  • Vegan (preference, not necessity)
  • 70+lbs of veggies monthly
  • 100+ pills daily

  • biofluids, devices, imaging, fitness tests 

  • Green Giant + 54 pills
  • One hour workout
  • Super Veggie
  • Skin/oral/hair/eye care
  • Travel to work
  • Nutty Pudding
  • Third dish + 34 pills 


Daily routine
Having fun workout (Oct 21)

PROTOCOL (here’s a video showing it)
  • 1 hr day
  • ~25 exercises
  • 7 hrs wkly 
  • 88-105 bpm ~1 hr
  • 106-159 bpm -4hr 30 min
  • 159+ bpm 90 minutes 

  • Backwards Sled, 2 min
  • Posture exercises (video)
  • Tricep extensions 1x25
  • Face pulls 1x15
  • Butterfly, 1x15
  • Band pull apart (back muscles), 1x15
  • Back extensions (on a hyperextension), 1x25
  • Obliques (each side, on a hyperextension), 1x25
  • Stretches
    • Kneeling shin
    • Hip flexor
    • Couch
  • Leg raises (for abdomen), 1x50
  • Seated calf raises, 1x25
  • Poliquin step ups, 3x10, each leg
  • Slant board squats, 3x15
  • ATG Split squats, 3x10
  • Nordics, 1x10
  • Reverse Nordics, 1x10
  • Tibialis raises, 1x25
  • IsoTib ankle rotations (each), 1x15
  • Pull ups, 1x15
  • Chin ups, 1x15
  • 10 min HIIT (M,W,F)
  • Hiking on weekends, basketball, tennis

Scoring equal to top 10% of 18 year olds in the following:
  • Bench press single rep max, 240lbs, top 10% of 18 year olds
  • VO2 max  58.7 mL/(kg·min), top 1.5% of 18 year olds
  • Leg press, single rep max. 800 lbs
  • Push ups, continuous, 60
  • YMCA sit and reach, 26.5 inches.  
  • Grip strength (dominant hand) 60 kg, above the age related peak that occurs in men at age 32.5 (Jamar Dynamometer Corporation reference data

Notable Challenges


  • 44yo male
  • RIJV: 70-80% stenosis
  • LIJV: 100% stenosis
  • Below reference range flow in all positions on duplex bilateral IJV doppler
  • Missing left transverse sinus on MRV; cerebral venous thrombosis?
  • Severe headache symptoms causing to wake in the night, on acetazolamide 250 mg since 25th Jan 2022
  • Likely cause: bilateral styloid + atlatl transverse process compression of the IJVs both sides; multiple signs of raised ICP on serial MRIs
  • Possible TOS (thoracic outlet syndrome seen on subclavian MRA)
  • 20 years history of nocturnal bruxism untreated until 2021
  • No previous stroke, TIA, aphasia, blurred vision or other medical conditions.
  • Deciding next steps RE tests and surgical intervention.


  • 9 when I should have 2
  • Possible pathological confirmation via hyperpolarized MRI
  • Possible elimination via multi-component nebulised protocol


  • Excessive stress, chronic depression from age 20-40 whitened my hair
  • Struggling to reverse it (8/23 update 8/23 - we’ve made some meaningful progress with this formulation “Blueprint for 7% off”)


  • Several heart markers including LV septal A’ mitral, Aortic root diameter, LA E’ latbasal and RVSP are all coming in decades older than my chrono age. No symptoms. 
  • Need to formulate a plan


  • In twelve months, improved from 169 bpm to 183 bpm
  • Struggling to make further gains

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